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YMCA "Stuff" Catalog

* Features Y-specific products and promote Safeguard's exculsive images.
* For YMCA's with swimming pools, the Kids Swimming image is very popular

YMCA's Strong Custom Image
Safeguard is an exclusive provider of products highlighting the YMCA custom images such as the Kids Running and Kids Swimming. You will promote the YMCA philosophy of "We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities," with every product you sell. Safeguard offers an extensive line of checks, business forms, greeting cards, notecards, promotional items, and apparel all customized for over 2400 YMCA's throughtout America.

YMCA-Specific Product Showcase

* Apparel- Ideal for outfitting YMCA staff members, special program teams, and to help spread the YMCA message throughout the community. Apparel is perfect as a seasonal gift or a special donor thanks. Order your new 2005 Safeguard Apparel Catalog from the DSC. It's DSC #802067
Ladies' Apparel- Turn to page 73 of the new 2005 Safeguard Apparel Catalog and see the interest Safeguard's line of ladies' apparel generates. Women have worn men's sizes and shirts long enough, but their day has come with Safeguard. Sold! To the YMCA
Greeting Cards- Help support the YMCA's communication efforts and fund-raising goals. These appealing greeting cards come straight off the shelf and are ready to personalize. Strengthen relationships with Y members and their communities.
Note Cards- This program helps maintain the customized and kid's oriented YMCA image.
Headline Paper- Eye-catching program letterhead is a great communication tool. Many headline selections are ready to ship through Safeguard, or there is a custom option for something completely new.
Promotional Items- Lot's of items are still Hot! The lunch sack, clear backpack, and mouse pads, and samples are available at the DSC. Don't forget to stop by your local YMCA soon and talk to them about offering premiums for summer camps, daycare facilities, and family vacations.

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