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Security Features

Created: March 1, 2001
New Security Feature Enhances Protection

The Safeguard SecureT image, printed in red thermochromatic ink is designed to stop counterfeiters in their tracks. Thermochromatic ink disappears with heat and cannot be reproduced. Touch it, breathe on it or hold it near a heat source... the red image will appear and reappear quickly.

Created Date: May 01, 2007
Uncompromised Secure Check Solutions

Uncompromised Secure Check Solutions is a state of the art product offering of software compatible standard & custom laser checks. The finest laser check security options with unmatched delivery and value.

Various levels of security are available, from basic features such as Thermochromic Ink Icon to high levels such as a Hologram fused to your check. Choose the enhanced security features that best suit your needs while taking advantage of the basic security features that are included in all the Uncompromised Secure Check Solutions Checks.



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